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Local pest control in Charleston, West Virginia or raccoon control has become an ever increasing issue for homeowners even in South Hills, South Charleston to St. Albans due to the urbanization of the raccoon to its new environment. A raccoon can find its way in to a house and cause damage. The damage caused by a raccoon in the house can become catastrophic. House fires due to raccoons are contributed to the habitation of the raccoon in the attic crawlspace. Once a raccoon has found its way into a building, house or church the raccoon will start to make a family and continue making raccoon babies once or twice a year until the raccoon is trapped or captured and removed.

Common raccoon (Procyon lotor) and skunk (Meph...

Common raccoon (Procyon lotor) and skunk (Mephitis mephitis) in a Hollywood, California back yard feasting on cat food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only a true raccoon removal expert can raccoon proof a house, building or church, this is called exclusion or raccoon exclusion which is the repair and preventative maintenance to deter and prevent raccoon removal issues from future occurrences.

If you are thinking of setting a trap to catch a raccoon and to get rid of it I only have a few questions! Where are you going to take the raccoon to release? How are you going to release the trapped raccoon without getting bit or attacked? And why would you try to deal with a wild animal in the first place?  🙂

Charleston Coon removal and raccoon trapping, South Charleston trapping of raccoon in the park. The police officer shot the raccoon after it tried to attack her. A raccoon will try to defend its babies if it feel threatened. Opossum will co habituate with a raccoon. That is totally not true!, and oposum and a racoon will fight. A raccoon will eat almost anything! expect taco bell . Cat food is a delicacy for a raccoon. Dog food helps a raccoon feel empowered after thieving it from a big dog laying on the deck. Raccoons are clever thieves, though some are just plain blatant ambushers of the cat food.!

Raccoon Stealing Food

Raccoon Stealing Food (Photo credits: Giphy)

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